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The essence of the Art of Peace is to cleanse yourself of maliciousness, to get in tune with your environment, and to clear your path of all obstacles and barriers.


Academy for Self Defense


Wantage, NJ

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About Academy for Self Defense

Academy for Self-Defense is geared towards learning the importance of being able to spontaneously defend yourself with immediate action without thought; more perceptive than reaction while utilizing your aggressor’s force against them.  You can also train for physical conditioning or a combination of both.

It is similar to driving a vehicle; someone comes out from a side street and fails to yield.  You, as a driver, see the vehicle and do one of the following: you sound your horn, you apply your brakes to avoid an accident or possibly swerve around the other vehicle or all three.  You anticipate and react!  You do not find yourself thinking: the other car is a large wagon, the driver does not look like they are stopping, now I must apply my brakes with my right foot and sound the horn with my left hand as I continue to steer and hold the wheel with my right hand.  Sounds crazy but the illustration and the point is made.

If you find yourself in a situation where you would have to defend yourself, a friend, a family member, brother or sister or even your wife or child – you must act and do it swiftly and effectively.

By this token, it does not mean that you would have to cause physical harm to a party or place yourself in unnecessary danger.  Sometimes through “prevention” you can neutralize an aggressor rather than resorting to physical harm.  The goal is always to avert conflict!

The Martial Arts, in my opinion (and hopefully shared by other practitioners) should never be used to cause physical harm, nor should it be used to bully people, solely only for its intended purpose, “self-defense.” 

 Again, the goal is always to avert conflict.

Academy for Self Defense

Wantage, NJ


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